Palamides BA900 (Unkn.)
Ref.No: 90964
Technical Conditions 
Folding machine
Year Unkn.
36 x 0 inch (91 x 0 cm)
Current State:
Under power
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The folded sheets are taken from the folidng machines by means of round belts. In this area the folded sheets are electronically measured via a photocell, spread out and fed into the pressing device. If a waste sheet is detected as the sheet is measured, this will be ejected via a deflector before reaching the pressing device. The pressing device is equipment with two pre-press rollers and two main pressing rollers

Trapped air is pressed out from the leaflets in the pre press rollers. In the main pressing rollers the sheet is pressed with a maximum of 2,000 kp. Now the folded sheets are shingled and driven towards the pile container. When the brochures reach this point, they are knocked up from three sides, which leads to the formation of a tidier pile.

Once the pile has reached the amount selected electronically, the shingled stream is temporarily interrupted and the pile is lowered. Here the pile is pressed again and in this pressed condition, it is wrapped in kraft paper. As this is happening, a new pile is being prepared above it. Afterwards the parcels are delivered to the operator at an ergonomic working height via the parcel lift.

The Fully Automatic Delivery is mobile and can easily be installed behind another machine. It can be changed to a different format in a few minutes.

Works With - Folding machines, Saddle-Stitchers, Mailing Machines

Products that can be processed - Advertising Brochures, Mailings, Signatures


- Rationalization of the delivery process on saddle-stitchers and folding machines
- Makes use of the top running speed and performance of the producing machiens
- Short setting-up times
- Many applications available due to the variety of uses possible and the large format range
- Short Amortisation Period
- Mark-free delivery
- Integratedpressing station with main and pre-pressing rollers
- Ergonomic working height for removing bundles
- Waste Sheets are ejected automatically

Technical Information:

Bundle Height min - 3 mm / 1/8"
Bundle Height max - 120 mm / 4 3/4"
Performance - Max 350 bundles per hour OR 40,000 products per hour
Speed - 15 to 200 m per min / 45 to 600 ft per min

Format: Infeed Width x Infeed length

Min - 105 mm (4 1/8") x 75 mm (3")
Max 1-up - 940 mm (37") x 235 mm (9 1/4")
Max 2-up - 460 mm (18") x 235 mm (9 1/4")
Max 3-up - 310 mm (12 1/4)" x 235 mm (9 1/4")
Max 4-up - 235 mm (9 1/4") x 235 mm (9 1/4")
America North
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